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O Fair Land of Freedom's Fire

O fair land of freedom’s fire, I AM the invincible victory of light’s abundance now made manifest! I AM the light of cosmic spirals spiraling forth the light of sun-centers.

I AM the fire of freedom to all. I AM the answer to heaven’s call. For heaven is calling for an answer and that mankind should give answer in this hour. And therefore the Word is proclaimed and the Word goes forth for the light in every heart to be the flow of cosmic abundance here below.

There is a blocking in the pores of selfhood. There is a blocking of the flow of light in the pores of a nation. And thus there is stagnation, poverty and decay where health, abundance, mutuality to all ought to reign. But in this land—where the sacred labor is still the mastery of self and discipline of energy for excellence—here the working of works of light of the being of man is the offering of a people upon the altar of the Lord for victory and for cosmic flow.

America, O America, rise now and burst through those layers of darkness, those impositions of blindness and of division from within! O America, rise to the height of life in the Divine Mother and find in Her flame the image of Liberty! O liberty, how I love thee! Hearts of freedom, know ye not that the division, the separation, fragmenting of this body, of this people has occurred because of a lost perspective, a lost horizon—a vision of union as the banner of the angel who comes forth to proclaim the light of unity and to say: “Remember, ye are brethren. Remember the oneness of life. Remember the origin in whitefire core. Remember that this is the land begotten of God where liberty should proclaim the coming of the Divine Manchild not as an exclusive right but as a right that should include all nations, all peoples, all kindreds and tongues.”

So I AM God-free! So I would have you God-free! I would have America God-free! so that all mankind might be God-free. I raise my hands now for the staying of the tide of world hatred against this nation, against the light that is aborning here. Let it be rolled back by onrushing waves and foam of fire that comes forth from the Great Central Sun. Let it be pushed back. O roll, mighty waves of life! Roll, O waves! Roll now! And let all that inhibits the flow of life and abundant life upon Terra be no more.

I say then, trust not your supply or the wealth of any nation in the hands of fallen ones, in the hands of the Luciferians. For there are those in every nation—those who abuse the system of individual enterprise, of capitalism, those who abuse the system of sacred community of Spirit. And thus in their perversions of economic theory they abort the flow, the free-flowing life energy.

Do you understand that the weight of the problem lies more in the heart of a man than in the system? Understand that there are many workable systems if mankind have the golden rule, have love and the flow of love. But when the light of sun- centers, when the light of gold of Alpha, of silver of Omega is hoarded in the hands of dark ones (for they know the Law and garnering of energy and the forcefield of energy that is for power and for control), then you see, the children of the light have not in their hands the stewardship of energy and energy forcefields. And thusby their limited vision they have become the impoverished nations of the world. For they have entrusted the supply of the fire of heart into the hands of those who are not to be trusted.

An economy for the golden age is an economy based on golden-rule consciousness and on the light of flow whereby mankind are continually receiving from God and giving to God in manifestation. There is no hoarding. There is only perpetual flow—flow of light, flow among the masses—where every child of God has an inheritance and a right to hold that inheritance, to be deprived neither of bread nor of education nor of basic necessities of life. There is no reason why the abundance of God cannot be fairly distributed to all.

Understand that there is the reward for well-doing. For sacred labor is the key in the community of the Holy Spirit. And sacred labor is the excellence of the work of a man’s hands, a work dedicated upon the altar of the Lord. And therefore as the individual increases in excellence, in the mastery of the flame of Christ, by his excellence (which is the flame of discipline in the will of God) the magnet of heart increases. And therefore by that magnet, by that light there is a cohesion, there is a magnetism, there is a drawing of abundance.

And therefore each man according to his labor is afforded the substance of flow. But that flow that is attracted by light of the heart and mastery in the planes of Mater must be multiplied again for the feeding of the hungry, healing of the sick. But this comes about not by tyranny of Luciferians, not by totalitarian state but because the individual aligned with Christ has willed it so, and freely by the gift of freewill, has given the offering unto the Lord and has given of the abundance of his talent for paving the way for others to multiply their talents.

Those of you who expected to hear a dissertation on political and economic theory be then relieved of this burden of consciousness; for I come not to utter pros and cons of the world’s theorists. For I prefer to dwell in the mind of God, the all-knowing, the all-flowing love that is abundance to all. I prefer to be the electrode for meditation upon divine economy and to make known to you that as there are councils among mankind meeting to solve the world’s economic problems, so there are councils of ascended masters meeting in Darjeeling for the very same purpose. For we have a divine economy that is fit for a golden-age society where all live in the flame of the Christ. And we must measure what portion of that divine conception can be lowered into manifestation in a practical way, according to the needs and development of the consciousness of mankind.

Inasmuch as mankind thrive more on greed than on the desire for excellence we must then introduce aspects of divine economy that are for the safeguards of the individual soul. If a man works only because he knows that he will starve if he does not work, then it is better not to give him bread. If a man works for excellence of the flame of heart and for the good of society, then it is better to give him bread.

You see then that realization of divine economy is an individual matter. And the economy of each home is based on the level of attunement of the head of the household, of father and of mother. If children are taught possessiveness of “me” and “mine,” of acquisitiveness, if they hear nothing but talk of money at the table, the worries of money and worries of business, so they will grow in their attachment to material things. And they will be materialists devoid of the flame of Mater-realization.

The entire purpose of the physical universe is so that you can gain the mastery of the Mother-flame in materialization and, in so doing, earn your soul’s eternal liberation in Spirit-you actualization of the life flame. The key to Mater-realization is not a weighing of abundance versus a lack of abundance, or the virtue of either state. The key is nonattachment—to be nonattached to wealth, to be nonattached to poverty, to be nonattached, to be one all one in the Self— and to take joy in sacred labor because it is a service to life, a glory to God and an equalization factor whereby, in heart and through the heart there is channeled the discipline of energies released for a specific ideation, a specific coalescing in form, of a divine image.

When nations are governed by ]ascended master consciousness, when they place as priority the education of children according to the principles of the Christ and for the purpose of realization of the potential of Christ, when nations uphold the Mother- flame and torch of Liberty for all, then you find the highest development of science, of industry—an industry that is refined as an adornment of the flame and of the soul, an industry that does not squander the energies of Mother Nature and then impose upon her many body temples the perversions, pollutions, impurities as a desecration.

You see then that in the midst of a culture that is destined to be a divine culture in America there are those who have come forth in the grossness of greed to take that flame and to use it to precipitate poisons and impurities for destruction of the body of the Mother, which is the body of each one. You see then that America must be freed of the impostors who pretend to have the interests of the people at heart but do not.

I well recall the dictation of the Maha Chohan concerning the pollution. And I well recall his impassioned plea and his fervor and his invocation to one and all to make the call for the exposure, to make the call for controls in industry, and his demand for light to flourish and for darkness to perish.

Now then, precious ones, some progress has been made but not enough, not enough—not enough to stay the tide of darkness, of disease, death and decay. And therefore considering divine economy I come before you with a plea similar to that of Saint Germain for invocations that you might be the instrument of the flow of energy and flow of ideas being released by this special economic council of ascended masters meeting in Darjeeling.

For we must send forth ideas that are practical at the level of Christ to meet the evolving needs not only of the American people but of the people of the world. This we can do if you will make the calls, if you will invoke the light, if you will stand forth and demand the balance of the flow of supply, of demand, of cosmic abundance, of energies coming forth from the Great Central Sun and returning to the Great Central Sun.

Precious hearts, the only measures that are being taken in this hour by heads of your government are stopgap measures—plugging the leaks. And the leaks continue to burst through. To save the economy of the world demands a revolution in economic theory, in economic practice. In order for mankind to reach the level of awareness to perceive that consciousness there must be a purging and a purification. There must be the education of ascended master youth at ascended master universities. There must be preparation of souls of light to take their place in government, in law as statesmen not as politicians.

Let the great statesmen arise once again in America! Let them arise and proclaim the liberty of the American people from Luciferian bankers, from the Illuminati and from that Federal Reserve System! Let them proclaim freedom! And let the coining of this nation’s money be in the hands of the people and in the hands of their representatives in Congress.

I say then it is time that you decreed fervently for exposure of that lie that surrounds the entire Federal Reserve System and the tie-up of this nation’s economy with world banks and world bankers that are attempting to draw the entire energy focused in the heart of America down into darkness of total selfishness and annihilation.

Precious hearts, I release the momentum of my being that you might challenge the carnal mind in the economy of America. And I say, I echo the call of Saint Michael: In the name of Jesus the Christ I challenge the carnal mind, the Antichrist and all satanic power that has infiltrated the banks and banking systems of the world, that has infiltrated in every aspect of the economy—on Wall Street, in the stock exchange and wherever there is the flow of the wealth of God. So let that flow then be in the control of the Cosmic Christ! I decree and I AM the manifestation of this fiat of light and of freedom to America! I AM the freedom of the nation. I AM the freedom in your heart.

So I say, take the reins of power in your hands! Wrest them from fallen ones by your commands! And let us see what true patriots of light, patriots for an international economy can manifest in the victory of God-consciousness.

Do you understand that patriotism is not a bad word? For it is the impassioned fervor within the soul to take a stand for protection of the flame of God within his country. And as the country is the mark of a certain group karma, so each soul—wherever he is born, in whatever nation upon Earth— should be a patriot of the flame, not of the abuses of that flame, should be one who stands guard for realization of that flame, of that pure flame whether in China, in Russia, in France, in Switzerland, in America, in Canada. Whatever the place of your birth it is up to you to enshrine the flame of sacred worth in the hearts of your countrymen. So as all converge in the fire given by Almighty God as geometry and the life pattern of evolutions, so one day the oneness of Christ in that Christ-flame will make of all nations one divine whole, one flow of life. I thank you, and I bid you good afternoon.

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Feb 27, 2022

Beinsa Douno:

"During the passage of time, the consciousness of man traversed a very long period of obscurity. This phase which the Hindus call "Kali Yuga", is on the verge of ending. We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by "Ascension".

Some decades wi…

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