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Toxic Load of COVID Shot and Balancing Your pH to Reclaim Your Health - Dr. Robert Young

Dear Family and Friends,

I just had the opportunity to be on The Counter Culture Mom Show with Tina Griffin where we discussed Covid and 5G. May it help you and your family!

All disease in the human body is merely an expression or symptom of the distressed internal balance.

Dr. Robert Young is a Ph.D. research scientist who has been studying the cause and treatment of disease for over 40 years.

He is also the author of several bestselling books, including The PH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health.

Dr. Young advocates for a return to healthy, balanced living and choosing God-created natural solutions over man-made medications with potentially deadly side effects. “You must be the cure you want to see,” he says.

He also explains the dangers of the COVID-19 jab, the truth about its hidden ingredients, and the terrifying effect these shots have on Americans.

What’s in the COVID shot that was quickly pushed upon the American public?

Dr. Robert Young is dropping a bomb on the mainstream narrative that they were safe and effective. A noted research scientist and author, Robert explains the deadly effects of graphene oxide found in the COVID shots, as well as the integral part 4G and 5G technology play in the tracking and tracing of every American who received the jab.

Dr. Young reveals the dirty details behind the U.S. patent on the COVID shot, the embedded antennas within the inoculations, and the reality that humans cannot survive this transhuman merge of technology and viral poison.

US11107588 (2)
Download PDF • 6.05MB

"The only way to remove the threat is to destroy the technology that is facilitating the jab agenda," he says.

Between the killing power of the COVID jab and the high-frequency effects of 4 and 5G, concerned Americans across the country are wondering what they can do to protect themselves from the bio-weapons unleashed on society.

Dr. Young shares an action plan for avoiding injury and even death at the behest of these dark technologies, advising people to demagnetize their bodies, separate from smart tech, and embrace a natural, earthly lifestyle.

He also recommends the use of montmorillonite clay for drawing the lethal ingredients of the COVID shot out of your body.

Dr. Young discusses what he has found inside the COVID jab, including graphene oxide, two deadly parasites, and the merging of nanotechnology and metals.


1. The chemical waste released from the East Palestine train derailment is more deadly than Agent Orange from the Vietnam War

2. If you have been inoculated by the COVID shot, you are a human cell tower

3. The parasites within the COVID jab can cause horrible problems, like circulatory and respiratory issues

4. There is not a single medication that will protect you from the onslaught of radiation and chemical poisoning we’re being exposed to


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"My People Perish From Ignorance" - Hosea

"Protect the blood and you will protect against any sickness or dis-ease" - Dr. Robert O. Young

"For the Life of ALL Flesh is the Blood" - Moses was with one million souls who all perished wandering in ignorance in the wilderness!

Nothing Has Changed!

NOW, we have 5 billion VAXXinated men, women and children worldwide wandering and wondering about the truth that would set them free from the corruption and lies if they would just listen, watch, read, learn and JUST BELIEVE!

Truth vs Deception

Liberty vs Tyranny

COVID - 19

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"Our past covidiocy history will some day acknowledge Dr. Robert O. Young as being one of the seminal medical-science icons responsible for redeeming humanity from an unfathomable abyss.

Despite systematically targeted by a quadrillion dollar medical science establishment for decades, he continues to resurrect and claim ever higher ground in his understanding of human health and planetary welfare.

In so doing he elevates the mind and heart of millions of souls who cherish him as a Godly man and a brilliant scholar.

The coupling of Dr Young with the remarkable T.M. Ballantyne Jr. ignites a most inspired and formidable vanguard in truth and disclosure”. Sacha Stone -

Canada Loves YOU Dr. Robert Young

"Thank-you Dr. Robert Young for being the Camelot of our Time in these days where the balance of the Earth is at stake against the fight of this Dark Regime.

"The Fall of the Olden Ones is finally at hand, and your message to the world brings a desperately needed repose to all the voices that have been silenced.

"Your voice resonates through our hearts as your sound words reassures us and heals our wounds of despair & distraught endure these

many years & life times for those who have walked this Earth since it’s beginning.

"Thank you for bringing in the love of humanity as a messenger of hope and deliverance for the many awakening from the grip of falsehood in this duality of reality we call life.

"Perception has many signs of deceit by the spoken word of what we call the English language.

"Perhaps the reversal of this language will finally be exposed and the Rosetta Stone of Truth will finally allow us to walk this elevation of New Earth in peace and harmony with all of humanity.

"We thank you Dr. Robert Young for being our Anchor in the worst of storms, for being our light in our darkest hour.

"Your support is your true crown of loyalty to Source and it is recognized with such admiration.

"We thank you for every word spoken which brings upon a smile on humanities heart & soul.

"You are a true soldier of our days!!!

"As we watch our loved ones decay in these precious times of hope, YOU have brought comfort in knowing that even if the battle is lost that what is coming will finally bring an end to this life we call war!" - George Boulet - Canada

Solutions to Pollutions

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"This is the year, 2023, to return to God, truth, intelligence, faith, peace, freedom, forgiveness of self and others, health, hope, love and charity! before it is too late" Dr. Robert O. Young

"Now is the time to prepare to meet OUR CREATOR" -

You must be the Health and Fitness YOU Want to See!

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Jun 14, 2023

Stop mixing things up with religious belief and science.

You didn't really give us proof of 4G/5G actually affecting us, including with captured footage of simple measurement (don't point us to old BBS video as it hardly explains anything).

Balancing PH is A Way, not The best way for everyone unless you have real proof.

Why don't you pay attention to other people's testimony on many different kind of diets?

If you are the say that your Alkaline way is The Way, prove that.


Jun 12, 2023

XX Will any qualified person challenge me 1-on-1 on anything I claim to be true? I doubt it.

If you have a real name, an h-index >=7, a bio, >5,000 followers, and you disagree with me on something I said or wrote, you qualify. Any takers?

Steve Kirsch

Jun 11

Executive summary

I’m getting the feeling nobody with any academic credentials wants to challenge me on anything I say.

Let’s see if I’m right.

If you think anything I say is wrong, I invite you to challenge me.

To accept

To accept my challenge, simply reply to the PINNED comment below with these 6 items:

Name: Your real name

Content: Your contact info (e.g., if you use your Twitter acco…

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