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What is the Largest Functioning Organ of the Human Body? Can YOU Say Interstitium?

What is the World's Greatest Scientific Discovery Finally Recognized This Year?

The Interstitium is the Largest Functioning Human Organ of the Human Body and Destroys the So-Called Settled Science of the Immune, Vaccine, Bacterial, Viral, Infectious Diseases and Cancer Theories!

What is this NEW LARGEST ORGAN in the Human Body? The Interstitium

Where is this NEW LARGEST ORGAN in the Human Body? Touches and surrounds every cell, organ, gland and tissue. This fluids flows through every organ and represents 80 percent of all extracellular fluids.

What is the function of this NEW LARGEST ORGAN in the the Human Body? To provide a compartment for metabolic, respiratory, dietary and environment acidic waste for the blood and body cells to deposit into in order to maintain their delicate pH at 7.367.

Can you measure the chemistry, including the pH of this NEW LARGEST ORGAN? Yes! Currently we are the only scientists in the World who can measure these fluids and test the functionality and healthy state of every organ, gland and tissue. This is all possible because of modern technology which will hopefully be available to every lab, hospital and Physician around the World!

The work, research, discoveries and publications of Robert O. Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner and Dr. Galina Migalko MD, NMD were presented last year at the 3rd International Conference for Liver Diseases and Pancreatic Cancer and the Annual Conference for Bacterial, Viral and Infectious Diseases, December 5th and 6th in Dubai, UAE.

Science is just NOW Declaring a break-through scientific discovery of a NEW ORGAN which we have been investigating for over 35 Years. We published our evidence of this NEW ORGAN and ORGAN SYSTEM in November of 2015 over 3 years before this announcement!

In 2015, we published a peer-reviewed scientific article in the International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine on the cause of any cancerous and the Interstitium/Interstitial fluid compartments which is the origin for the cause of ALL sickness and disease! Our work has been ignored for decades at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives lost.

These compartments which hold the interstitial fluids, when analyzed for pH and electrolytes reveals the truth about the cause and effect relationship for ALL sickness, disease and the efficacy of current medical treatments. The testing which we have been doing for years exposes the truth about the germ theory, the immune theory, the viral theory, the cancer theory and associated medical treatments. This discovery is huge and will change the medical and biology worlds as we know them today!

To learn more about the chemistry of the Interstitium and the interstitial fluids go to the following link:

The following is the abstract for our publication - check out the date of publication:

International Journal of ISSN: 2381-1803 IJCAM Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Volume 2 Issue 1 - 2015

Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of any Cancerous Condition

Robert O Young1* and Galina Migalko2

1Universal Medical Imaging Group, USA

2Medical doctor, non-invasive medical diagnostics, USA

Received:August 29, 2015 | Published: November 24, 2015

*Corresponding author: Robert O Young, pH Miracle Inc., 16390 Dia del Sol, Valley Center, California, 92082, USA, Tel: 760 751 8321; Email: and Universal Medical Imaging Group, 12410 Burbank Blvd, Valley Village, California, 91607, USA, Tel: 818 987 6886; Email:

Citation: Young RO,Migalko G (2015) Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of any Cancerous Condition. Int J Complement Alt Med 2(1): 00046. DOI: 10.15406/ijcam.2015.02.00046


Due to the evident ineffectiveness of conventional cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy and radiation), more efficient alternatives are needed. The potential of Alkaline Nutritional Infusion (ANI) as a legitimate alternative to chemotherapy and radiation is examined. While largely ignored in conventional oncology, the pH of the interstitial fluids is suggested as paramount in identifying a cancerous condition. It is further suggested that cancer is an over-acidic condition of the body that can be reversed and prevented with alkalizing treatments such as ANI. Full Body Bio-Electro Scan (FBBES) is presented as a noninvasive means to examine body pH and the presence of cancer. In addition, non-invasive Full-Body Thermography (FBT) and Full-Body Ultrasound (FBU) are presented as a noninvasive means to examine the physiology and the anatomy of the organs, glands and tissues for inflammation, calcifications, cysts and tumors in the prevention and treatment of any cancerous condition. Finally, Live Blood Analysis (LBA) and Dried Blood Analysis (DBA) are non-invasive hematology tests for evaluating the health of the red and white blood cells and to view inflammatory and malignancy at the cellular level. In contrast to the acidosis caused by conventional cancer treatments, ANI methods such as Intravenous Nutritional Infusion (INI) and Rectal Nutritional Infusion (RNI) provide an alkalizing approach to cancer treatment and prevention.

To learn more about the Interstitium and the cause and cure for all sickness and disease you can read the following published article which is also published on Kindle at:

On March 18th and 19th of the year 2019, we again announced our research and findings for the prevention and the reversal of ANY cancerous condition from the quantitative evidence gathered from testing the Interstitium organ which contain the interstitial fluids of the human body in over 330 patients. It is within this fluid that the cure for all sickness and disease begins and where it can be reversed or in medical terms treated and cured. It does not matter the condition ranging from sepsis, HIV, dugee, all organ diseases, all glandular diseases, all connective tissue diseases, all viral diseases, all bacterial diseases, all fungal diseases, all neurological diseases to all cancerous conditions. They all become the one sickness and the one disease which is caused by an inverted way of living, eating, drinking, breathing, thinking, feeling and believing.

We also published our research and findings prior to the 14th Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Cancer Biology in their January release.

This new organ discovery and the methods for testing its chemistry, including pH were presented by Dr. Robert O. Young and Dr. Galina Migalko at the 3rd International Conference for Liver Diseases and Pancreatic Cancer in Rome, Italy, June 18th and 19th, 2018, again at the Annual Conference on Bacterial, Viral and Infectious Diseases on December 5th and 6th, 2018 in Dubai, UAE and finally at the 14th Global Summit on Oncology and Cancer, March 18th and 19th, 2019 in London, England The abstracts for Dr. Young's and Dr. Migalko's presentations are available on request at:

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