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Missing - The Coronavirus! No Reward! But let us know if you find it - Read Pfizers Own Records!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Once upon a time there was a Coronavirus and a Coronavirus pandemic, at least we thought there was so. But what is the real story NOT the Fairy Tale!

We heard it on the news and the hospitals were supposedly packed. People were getting sick - from something. Information from the CDC, FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that they had no scientific evidence that the coronavirus had never been isolated, purified, cultured and then used to reinfect a healthy specimen under FARR's law, Koch's and/or Rivers postulates . Strange things seem to be going on. If this is a hoax it would have to be bigger than the aspartame scandal that has been sold as an additive when in reality it is a biochemical warfare weapon mass poisoning the world.

We Are All Concerned! Why?

When a patient is suffering from respiratory failure (SARS) like those hospitalized with symptoms of fever, dry cough, loss of energy and are also consuming aspartame, we see no way to their recovery. Aspartame, a sticking acidic chemical will cause pathological blood coagulation, oxygen deprivation leading to respiratory failure and death.

We have all seen the fear mongering leading to mass hysteria with the so-called coronavirus. People are dying! But what are they dying from when the virus has not been isolated. purified, cultured and its existence has not been verified and confirmed using the scientific method.

Many of the real facts are now surfacing in an article by Dr. Robert O. Young called, "Raising Lazarus From the Dead"

You can read this article by clicking on the link below:

Why has there been so much controversy around viruses and especially the coronavirus?

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in 2017 to expect this pandemic during the Trump administration. How would he know this unless it was planned. Were the democrats, radical left, liberal owned media and the technocrats trying to get President Trump out of office. I believe that the radical left didn't like the fact that President Trump wanted to drain the swamp in Washington DC. The left made this statement before he was elected that they would impeach him.

The next question that keeps coming up is why would doctors and research scientists be forbidden to do patient autopsies on coronavirus fatalities to determine the actual cause of death?

If that wasn't strange enough, those packed hospitals were shown to be almost empty when Jon Rappoport of "No More Fake News" started taking pictures in New York. Where were the lines of people? Pictures of empty hospitals were making the statement that this pandemic may be a plandemic. "Oops," said CNN and apologized for using the wrong film saying they got it mixed up with a news film that aired in Italy.

So, we got in touch with our Mission Possible from Italy, Enrico Remondini, and asked what was going on. He said there were a lot of elderly people, usually over 80, that were sick with medical problems and thought they were trying to bring in the New World Order. Not only had they installed 5-G in the hospital (radiation poisoning) but they had mandated the H1N1 vaccine. No wonder they were sick."

Dr. Russell Blaylock, immediately notified us when the flu vaccine was being used. He did this because he knew when they were pushing it on pregnant women they would lose their babies. We warned many pregnant women about the effects of this vaccine and in a very short period of time 35 women had called to say they had miscarried after receiving the H1N1 injection.

The FDA knew of the potential fatal side effects of this vaccine, yet told pregnant women and children that they should be vaccinated first.

The FDA has also announced that patients who were pregnant should be inoculated with the mRNA. Pfizer's own information sheet states that the mRNA vaccine should NOT be given to pregnant women because it may cause birth defects and even death to the unborn. The interesting thing is they first said no to pregnant women and then changed their position that pregnant women should be vaccinated. Likewise, the UK had said no to pregnant women and no sex for so many days afterward the inoculation, yet have also changed their directive in favor of the coronavirus jab. So both the USA and the UK had full knowledge of the risks directly associated with inoculating pregnant women with an mRNA vaccine or in reality should be called a "genetic altering therapy" inoculation.

We really find it unusual that influenza has disappeared from the CDC statistics and every death imaginable has become a coronavirus caused death. We assume to give the false illusion that there is an infectious virus out there, called CoV - 19 and everyone on this planet needs to receive an inoculation to provide immunity against a virus that can cause serious harm and even death.

The real problem with the so-called coronavirus vaccines, that have been developed for theoretical immunity, they are NOT vaccines at all but an injection of mRNA or "gene altering therapy" from an aborted 11 week old male fetus cultured on kidney cells from a monkey protected by an MIT delivery agent called hydrosol for the purpose of global genetic genocide.

The genetic sequence of mRNA being used in the vaccines for corona or CoV -19 has been developed to target and replace Chromosome 8 or the God gene. The purpose is not to provide immunity but to disconnect our consciousness or spirit connection from the physical body turning us all into genetically modified transhumans.

It truly seems that something outrageous is going on!

For example, a man was shot while riding a motorcycle but it was labeled a death due to the coronavirus. The same thing happened when a woman drowned. Now it doesn't make any difference how or what the patient died from - deaths are wrongfully being labeled as caused by a non-existent or phantom coronavirus.

The many empty hospitals of sick patients could not survive without funding from our government in order to keep these institutions in business. However, a special funding from the Government rewarded hospitals to change all death certificates to coronavirus deaths regardless of other health challenges such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

If a ventilator was used the hospital as part of the SARS treatment the hospital would receive an extra $19,000. Many very good doctors complained about wrong treatments and over-treating.

One of these doctors was Dr. Cameron Kyle-Slidell who asked to leave ICU because the coronavirus protocols being used were killing 50% of the patients. The cause of death of these patients was due to inserting breathing tubes in these ICU patients and then hooking them up to ventilators and dialing up the air pressure. According to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Slidell the high pressures on the lungs from the ventilators caused the lung damage and death - NOT the non-existent fake coronavirus.

Greedy hospital administrators, bad doctors combined with bad medicine are the parties responsible for the 'killing fields' from the 'corona effect' and NOT some phantom coronavirus from China! Is it not human nature to blame something or someone else for something bad happening rather than taking personal responsibility or standing up for expressing the truth and light?

You might wonder why they didn't use natural healing treatments such as sodium and potassium bicarbonate IV;s, ozone therapy or nascent oxygen therapy or hyperbaric oxygen or the nebulization of glutathione with NAC when they know that the patient is struggling with severe acute interstitial fluid respiratory dis-ease!

Please read the following scientific research articles from

Dr. Robert O. Young on pathological blood coagulation by clicking on the following links:


As Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote in his article, "all that was necessary was some IV Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc . . ." Today the FDA is warning physicians to not write about alternative treatments for the Coronavirus. If they do the FDA may fine the doctor $10,000 for each occurrence and.or suspend their license to practice medicine.

If you are still wondering or questioning the non-existence of the coronavirus, also known as CoV - 2 or CoV - 19 please read the following scientific article:


Dr. Robert Young and many other compassionate and intelligent doctors and scientists have stated that the coronavirus has never been isolated and the CDC does NOT have scientific evidence or proof of its existence. This has been the case all along! Please read the following article with letters from the CDC obtained under the Information Freedom Act -

Dr. Young's published research studies, including others mentioned above should help to support these facts conclusively - that the coronavirus pandemic is a big hoax for the purpose of forcing people by fear to take a "gene altering" inoculation for the purpose of human global genetic genocide and part of a GENETICALLY MODIFIED TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA referred to as Agenda 2021 and 2030 …as we and others have been stating all along!

So how did they diagnose the corona virus? With the scientifically meaningless rtPCR test that said "do not use for diagnosis". No wonder Big Pharma bought it. Some might get more inquisitive and disclose they knew all along if they had to diagnose something that wasn't real - use a test that is inappropriate and non-defining:

The Information coming out on this so-called vaccine is one horror story:

Reports are come in daily concerning blood clots throughout the body caused by the radiation poisoning, chemical poisoning and the coronavirus jab dressed up by the manufactures as a vaccine - but in reality a gene altering agent that is destroying the lives of the people. This is nothing short of the fairy tale of the Big Bad Wolf dressed up as a kind grandmother (the wolf killed grandmother) laying in wait to fool and destroy the life of Little Red Riding Hood!

The governments suspended the J & J vaccine for awhile and confirmed that this jab was causing pathological blood coagulation and severe acute respiratory dis-ease. It is true! But yet, the 'bad actors' in charge of this vaccine turned right around and started up the inoculations of this so-called vaccine completely disregarding the loss of lives! The FDA stated that they would add a warning to the label that the J&J vaccine does cause blood clots that may cause pathological coagulation and SARS.

Would you think twice before allowing a needle to be plunged into you, a family member, a close friend, a baby, a young boy or girl, a pregnant woman, or your elderly parents or grandparents?

If government or a health official truly cared about your health and safety they would make full disclose by saying "we are warning you that the coronavirus vaccine may cause blood clots in your lungs leading to hypoxia and death by suffocation?"

Please be safe and stay away from the Big Bad Wolf! This is NO FAIRY TALE! THIS IS REAL AND IT IS HAPPENING NOW!

Because you care please share this article far and wide with everyone you know, love and care about.

With love and with God's healing and protective light - Your Friend & Servant,

Robert O Young CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD,

Naturopathic Practitioner

Commissioner International Tribunal of Natural Justice -

Editorial Board Member of ACTA Scientific Medical Sciences - - scientific blog

PS If you still have questions listen to Dr.Judy Mikovits answer them. Incredible radio interview. This is what health officials have been keeping from the public while millions of lives have been destroyed, and even babies in their mothers womb waiting to be born.

Be sure to read Dr. Mikovits book, "Plague of Corruption" and Dr. Robert O. Young's book, The pH Miracle Revised and Updated

Now they have vaxxed the public with deaths being reported daily some of them within hours of the coronavirus inoculation. The unvaxxed who have tried to save their lives from this deadly jab are reacting just being around those who received the shot.

Watch the following interviews on viruses, vaccines the viral theory:


1. Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder

Mission Possible World Health Intl

9270 Riverclub Parkway

Duluth, Georgia 30097

Information on aspartame also on and

3. What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood (DIC) and Then Lungs (SARS - CoV 2 & 19)?

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