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New Study Describes "Unintended Immune Response" From The mRNA VAXXX is Like Nuking ALL Body Cells

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Pfizer mRNA jab leaves 1 in 3 recipients with 'unintended immune response and unintended side-effects':

Cambridge University Study

A peer-reviewed University of Cambridge study published

December 6th, 2023 in the scientific journal Nature, has revealed the Nobel Prize-winning technique that paved the way for synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA).

The study revealed that these so-called vaxxxines or gene therapy containing mRNA graphenated hydrogel and trypannosoma cruzi parasites (disclosed by Dr. Robert O. Young in his peer-reviewed study in 2021) were far from flawless and N-methylpseudouridylation of the mRNA, causing +1 ribososomal frameshifting of trillions of cells activating an alarming immue response leading to many unexpected side-effects!

These synethic mRNA gene therapy innoculations were designed to trick the body into allowing cellular interventions by making chemical modifications to the building blocks of the mRNA.

Download PDF • 21.51MB

Researchers have now indicated that encounters with repeat base modifications often lead to cellular miscommunications, which ultimately triggers an alarming activated immune response to the injected foriegn matter of synthetic mRNA graphenated hydrogel, including trypannosoma cruzi parasites found in the interstitial and vascular fluids of the innoculated recipients.

Cellular Miscommunication

Researchers with the MRC Toxicology Unit set out to analyze whether there were any safety issues linked to mRNA-based therapeutics. They found that "the cellular machinery that 'reads' mRNAs 'slips' when confronted with repeats of a chemical modification commonly found in mRNA therapeutics," the university indicated in a release.

The aforementioned "cellular machinery" is called a ribosome. The ribosome reads and translates mRNA code, providing the body with instructions on how to make antibodies. When confronted with a chemical base modification of mRNA called "N1-methylpseudouridine," ribosomes apparently slip around 10% of the time, according to Anne Willis and immunologist James Thaventhiran.

These so-called slips result in the production of unintended proteins or cell fragments, which set off an "unintended immune response."

The Cambridge researchers, collaborating with scientists at other English universities, tested for evidence of the production of "off-target" proteins in vaccine recipients, specifically those who took the mRNA Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Sure enough, they "found an unintended immune response occurred in one third of the 21 patients in the study who were vaccinated."

mRNA is also utilized in the Moderna vaccine, but the scientists did not report testing it for slips.

"The safety concern for future mRNA medicines is that misdirected immunity has huge potential to be harmful, so off-target immune responses should always be avoided," said Thaventhiran.

To read the entire peer-reviewed scientific study click on the following PDF link:

ASMS-06-1351 (11) (2)
Download PDF • 1.19MB

To read the entire peer-reviewd scientific article click on the following PDF link:

ASMS-06-1377 (2) (1)
Download PDF • 2.45MB

Since this mRNA targeted directed technology was rushed to market without long-term studies during the pandemic and is now being used to target and direct specific cancer treatments to specific areas of the body, this is causing serious adverse effects in 1 out of 3 recipents.

Anne Willis, a co-author of the study and biochemist from the University of Cambridge's Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit, said it is "essential that [mRNA] therapeutics are designed to be free from unintended side effects."

To read the entire published peer-reviewed study, N1 -methylpseudouridylation of mRNA causes +1 ribosomal frameshifting click on the following PDF link:

Download PDF • 21.51MB

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On December 11, 2020, Pfizer knew that their mRNA vaxxxines would literally DO NOTHING to prevent you or your loved ones from getting COVID-19, but would increase risk for dis-ease and death.

December 11, 2023: Today is the 3-year anniversary of the FDA emergency use authorization (EUA) of Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA injections. On this day three years ago, Pfizer issued a press statement:

“We (Pfizer & BioNTech) believe that today’s Emergency Use Authorization, and the subsequent distribution of our vaccine that has demonstrated an efficacy rate of 95% and a favorable safety profile, will help to save lives across the United States and could accelerate a return to normality.” - December 11, 2020, Pfizer Press Release

Pfizer/BioNTech’s December 11, 2020 press statement was immediately picked up across all of mainstream media, worldwide medical experts, and global civilians, who unknowingly repeated the false and reckless claim that Pfizer’s mRNA injections were safe and 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection.ting COVID-19, but would increase risk for disease and death.

Pfizer’s mRNA Injections Reduced the Risk of COVID-19 Disease by Less than 1% Compared to Placebo

Per Pfizer’s interim 2-month, Phase-3 data that they submitted to the FDA on November 20, 2020, Pfizer was measuring the effectiveness of their mRNA injection from preventing COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by a positive PCR-test versus placebo (aka, not getting injected with mRNA-Graphenate Hydrogel and Trypannosoma cruzi parasites).

You can see from the chart below (pulled directly from Pfizer’s FDA submission) that 8 out of 17,411 participants (0.05%) in the Pfizer mRNA injected group came down with COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by a positive PCR-test within 2 months or less after their second mRNA shot, versus 162 out of 17,511 (0.93%) in the placebo group.

Both 0.05% and 0.93% are numerical values that are less than one percent. In other words, Pfizer statistically proved that you could be 95% confident that you would have less than a 1% chance of developing COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by a positive PCR-test for up to two months, whether you were injected with Pfizer’s mRNA or did nothing.

Pfizer’s Absolute Reduction in Risk vs ‘95% Efficacy Claim’

Another way of presenting this data is to state that, “If you received Pfizer’s mRNA injection, you can be 95% confident that you will have less than a 1% chance (0.85% absolute reduction in risk) of coming down with COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by a positive PCR-test 1-week after you received your second dose of mRNA for up to 2 months (95% CI) versus doing nothing.

Of course, if you did nothing (received placebo), you also had a less than 1% chance of expressing COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by a positive PCR-test - even when we know that the PCR-test contained the mRNA Graphene Hydrogel nanotechnology.

Misrepresentations Concerning 95% Relative Risk Reduction

“Pfizer concealed and, ultimately, never informed the public of the highly material fact that amongst the general population Pfizer’s own trial results showed that the vaccine would reduce the incidence of the non-vaccinated contracting COVID-19 by less than one percent.”

In Exchange for a Less Than a 1% Reduction in Risk of COVID-19, What Clinical Risks Were Gained by Being VAXXXinated?

Per the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), a well-controlled database of healthy, young adults, it was reported that US military men and women experienced a;

2,181% increase in hypertension,

1,048% increase in nervous system disorders,

894% increase in malignant neoplasms of esophagus,

680% increase in multiple sclerosis,

624% increase in malignant neoplasms of digestive organs,

551% increase in Guillain-Barre syndrome (paralysis),

487% increase in breast cancer,

487% increase in demyelinating disease (damage to the myelin sheath protecting nerve fibers of the brain, optic nerve, and spinal cord),

474% increase in malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands,

472% increase in female infertility,

468% increase in pulmonary embolism,

452% increase in migraines,

437% increase in ovarian dysfunction, 369% increase in testicular cancer, and a

302% increase in tachycardia.

So how did Pfizer convert a less than 1% reduction in risk for COVID-19 to a 95% efficacy claim? It’s called “Vaccine Efficacy” math or ‘cherry picking data’ or ‘SCIENCE (SCIENTISM).’ I’d explain it to you, but according to Pfizer if you’re not a scientist, “You wouldn’t understand it. So, just trust the science (scientism).”

2 Timothy 4:3

The time will come when people will not listen to the truth. They will look for teachers who will tell them only what they want to hear. They will not listen to the truth. Instead, they will listen to stories made up by men.

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Thomas Braun
Thomas Braun
Dec 20, 2023

Tell me what the role of T cells and B cells are if it is not to destroy pathogens!

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